Our Story

In the heart of London, Cocotte emerged with the goal of offering the best roasted chicken experience. Cocotte embodies his vision of sharing comforting, homemade meals in a warm and genuine ambiance.

Romain's culinary journey, marked by his deep appreciation for the finest ingredients and authentic cooking, led him to the inception of Cocotte. Here, we weave together the magic of traditional cooking methods with the charm of modern London dining. Our five locations across Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Queen's Park, Parsons Green, and South Kensington are a testament to our commitment to bringing Cocotte's unique casual dining experience to food lovers across the city.

Our Values: The Heart of Cocotte

At Cocotte, our values are deeply rooted in the belief that good food comes from the heart. This philosophy shapes our approach to dining, influencing everything from our menu creation to the atmosphere in our restaurants.

Home-Made Food: We take pride in serving dishes that are lovingly prepared in our kitchens. Our recipes are a blend of traditional techniques and innovative flavours, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for our guests.

Freshest Ingredients: We believe that great meals begin with great ingredients. That's why we source the freshest produce from trusted local suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and taste in every bite.

Local Producers: Supporting local businesses is part of Cocotte's ethos. We actively partner with local producers who share our commitment to quality, strengthening our local communities while providing our guests with the finest ingredients.

Our values are the heartbeat of Cocotte, shaping our identity as we continue to offer a distinctive, casual dining experience to our guests.

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Cocotte is London's favourite spot for relaxed, casual dining, renowned for our fantastic bottomless brunch and all-day dining options.
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